Pine Creek Properties is a family business with rentals in Sonoma County. This locally owned and operated business consists of overĀ 30 dedicated employees available to assist residents with inquiries or concerns. With a hands-on approach, we strive to provide excellent service and living accommodations that are comfortable and very well maintained.

Management works along side residents in order to attain a peaceful living environment that is quiet, safe and secure for everyone. Rental agreements outline the rules of each property, so that everyone is aware of the guidelines and residents are able to feel confident that their neighborhood feels like home. In addition, all of our properties enforce a non-smoking policy.

We are proud to offer several reduced-rent options, in our Rohnert Park Apartments, for those qualify for low income programs.

With many options available in our beautiful, clean and quiet Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park rentals, we hope you join our neighborhood!

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