Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season and is continuing into a happy and healthy new year. This the time of year many of us resolve to make positive changes, both personally and professionally.

We here at Pine Creek Properties resolve to continue our high level of care in managing all our properties, and to improve those standards where we can. To that end, we are pleased to announce that all of our residential properties will become 100% non-smoking as of June 2014.

As many more local laws and ordinances show a growing concern and desire for smoke-free areas for work and play, this policy change will reflect the desires of residents both now and in future, and help keep our residences a pleasant environment for all. All residents will be given proper notification of the precise change date for this policy as that becomes closer.

Are you making resolutions and changes to your lifestyle? If those changes include a residential move, give us a call, or check out our listings in the “Search Rentals” tab, above. We have competitively priced rentals available in Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park, and would love to hear from you!