All our properties have been smoke free for quite so time. Below is the information on the new City of Santa Rosa Ordinance as well:

On July 7, 2015, the city of Santa Rosa passed Ordinance No. 4044 regulating secondhand smoke and emission from electronic smoking devices (e-cigarettes). The ordinance established a variety of smoke-free spaces including apartment and condominium units; use of electronic smoking devices (e-cigarettes) is treated the same as smoking. As part of the city’s efforts to reduce residents’ exposure to tobacco smoke and emission from electronic smoking devices, 100% of all attached housing units must be designated as smoke-free by August 7, 2016.

Under this new law, beginning on October 6, 2015, residents and guests are not allowed to smoke in any enclosed or unenclosed common area including, but not limited to, halls and paths, lobbies and courtyards, elevators and stairs, community rooms and playgrounds, swimming pools, parking lots, and shared laundry rooms. No Smoking signs shall be posted to remind residents and guests of this new law. Please be reminded that this law is in effect 24 hours a day. The full text of Ordinance No. 4044 may be found online at:

Further information regarding the ordinance, the toxicity of secondhand smoke and the effects and costs to the public, as well as information and resources to assist with quitting smoking, please visit the Sonoma County Department of Health Services website: